Swiss’ New B777’s Feature Supracor’s Stimulite® Honeycomb Cushions in Economy Class

Swiss’ New B777’s Feature Supracor’s Stimulite® Honeycomb Cushions in Economy Class

SAN JOSE, CA, February 8, 2016—For its new fleet of B777’s, quality-minded Swiss International Airlines is highlighting comfort for its passengers with Stimulite honeycomb cushions in economy class.

The cushions will provide sustained comfort for Swiss’ passengers on long-haul flights. Known for launching innovative technologies, Swiss selected Stimulite cushions for their unique honeycomb design and features such as ventilation which enhances comfort by eliminating the heat build-up common with traditional foam cushions. Stimulite’s cellular matrix contours to the body and is more than 90 percent open space. The “footprint” of the cells’ edges combined with their flexing action promotes circulation, especially important on long-haul flights.

The cushions are made from Elastollan® thermoplastic urethane (TPU) developed specifically for the aerospace industry in close cooperation with Supracor’s partner, BASF. This aerospace grade of TPU has been engineered to meet the industry’s strict fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) standards while providing exceptional durability. The material is naturally antimicrobial with excellent hydrolytic stability and because there are no adhesives used to fabricate the cushions, they are also washable. If a passenger spills coffee on the seat, the cushion can be removed from its cover, washed and put back into service.

“Swiss recognized the value of being able to wash the cushions,” said Susan Wilson, vice president of Supracor. “It’s a unique benefit for aircraft seating and one that really supports sustainability, especially since the cushions are also completely recyclable.”

Swiss will be the launch customer for Stimulite which will be installed on seats from Zodiac France. While this is the first entry for Supracor into commercial aircraft seating, the company has been producing anti-decubitus wheelchair cushions and medical support surfaces for more than 20 years. It also provides high-performance cushions considered “critical components” for military aircraft including F-18 fighter jets and numerous rotorcraft. Boeing 787 and 747-8 aircraft feature Stimulite mattresses in the crew rest where the lightweight honeycomb design brings enhanced comfort and more living space.


Supracor and Stimulite are registered trademarks of Supracor, Inc. Elastollan is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation.
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