Sustainably made in America, Supracor debuts its Wellness Collection of luxury sleep surfaces, featuring Stimulite® honeycomb

Sustainably made in America, Supracor debuts its Wellness Collection of luxury sleep surfaces, featuring Stimulite® honeycomb

SAN JOSE, CA, January 25, 2012—Supracor debuts its new Stimulite Wellness Collection of luxury sleep
surfaces at the Las Vegas Market on January 30th-February 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A leader in medical products that prevent pressure sores, Supracor—the originator of flexible, fusion-bonded honeycomb technology—has revolutionized sleep surfaces for the home with its uniquely modern Dreamcor® Wellness Mattress and Foundation, featuring Stimulite honeycomb, and ventilated Wellness Mattress for Babies which helps prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb, Stimulite distributes weight uniformly to equalize pressure across its surface. Perforations in the honeycomb cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture, eliminating heat build-up. As an added health benefit, the spring-like cells flex with movement, stimulating blood flow to enhance circulation and well-being.

Made from 100 percent natural sheep’s wool and organic cotton, Dreamcor’s reversible, dual-climate cover for use in the summer or winter combines synergistically with the honeycomb mattress to offer the most comfortable sleep system imaginable.

This fine collection includes a dual-climate Stimulite On Top Wellness Mattress Cover which fits over any mattress for extraordinary comfort and breathability; Stimulite Wellness Bed Pillow which features bolsters on one surface for additional neck support; Stimulite Wellness and Lounge Mat for meditating, exercising and sleeping wherever life takes you; and a light, soft and supportive Stimulite Wellness Travel Pillow which conveniently compresses to fit in a briefcase or tote purse.

Inspired by nature, Stimulite honeycomb’s sophisticated matrix is comprised of alternating thick- and thin-walled, hexagonally-shaped cells that are fusion bonded without adhesives and instantly resume their original shape to create safe, high-performance products that are flexible and light, yet strong and long lasting. Naturally antimicrobial and allergen free, Stimulite products are made of the same advanced, medical-grade material that’s used in wound dressings and heart valves.

Sustainably made in California from American-made, eco-friendly materials, Stimulite honeycomb products are washable and 100 percent recyclable. For more information, visit


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