Supracor’s flexible honeycomb technology offers versatility and survivability for diverse marine applications

Supracor’s flexible honeycomb technology offers versatility and survivability for diverse marine applications

SAN JOSE, CA, November 3, 2003—Engineered materials manufacturer Supracor showed visitors at this year’s Maritime Expo its versatile flexible honeycomb technology for a range of marine applications.

In addition to its SEA-12® Special Hull Treatments, applications for its flexible honeycomb include shock-mitigating decking, sound and vibration dampening insulation, thermal insulation and anti-ballistic body armor.

“Supracor’s fusion-bonded honeycomb technology utilizes the same geometry as aerospace honeycomb made from semi-rigid materials such as nomex, fiberglass and aluminum,” said Susan Wilson, director of Research, Design and Development. “The difference is that Supracor® honeycomb is made from thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers which give the honeycomb ‘memory’—the ability to recover from impact. It’s also fusion bonded, eliminating the problems associated with adhesives.” Combining the best characteristics of rubber and plastics, thermoplastics offer excellent resilience, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Manufactured from polyether-based thermoplastic urethane, SEA-12 Special Hull Treatments combines robust physical characteristics and durability in a lightweight cellular matrix, roughly 93 percent open space. The weight savings allows for faster installation, therefore, cost savings.

Able to withstand salt water and repeated impact, Supracor’s robust honeycomb also offers excellent shock absorption with an inherent slip-resistant surface. The anisotropic characteristic of honeycomb—different degrees of resistance—gives stability under foot, a fact already proven by the application of flexible honeycomb to footwear. (For over 10 years, Supracor supplied flexible honeycomb to Reebok in the form of an energy-absorbing midsole component and currently manufactures StimuLITES®—Incredibly Comfortable Insoles—a popular item for both visitors and exhibitors at the Expo.)

For sound and vibration dampening, Supracor’s Stimulite® brand honeycomb has perforations in the cellular matrix. It can be used alone or as a composite in combination with other substrates to address a full spectrum of frequencies.

When the honeycomb is sealed with flexible skins, the resulting air pockets provide thermal insulation for extreme weather garments. It is also used to reduce blunt trauma in antiballistic body armor.

Supracor’s flexible honeycomb can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application by selecting the appropriate thermoplastic material and “finetuning” the honeycomb configuration.

Supracor, Inc., a diversified engineered materials manufacturer located in San Jose, CA, custom engineers honeycomb to meet the needs for shock absorption and cushioning in various consumer, military and industrial markets. In the medical field, Supracor’s Medicare-approved Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions and Support Surfaces have set the standard for pressure-sore prevention by providing Total Pressure Management®—pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture. Additionally, Supracor supplies flexible honeycomb for footwear applications and body armor to protect U.S. soldiers. All Supracor products are made in the U.S. from American-made materials. For more information, please call 1.800.787.7226 or browse our website. Photos are available upon request.


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