Stimulite® honeycomb: keeping fighter jet pilots more comfortable

Stimulite® honeycomb: keeping fighter jet pilots more comfortable

SAN JOSE, CA, September 5, 2008—The United States Navy has specified Stimulite honeycomb for the ejection seat cushions in its F-18 fighter jets. An extensive field trial conducted jointly by ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker Aircraft and the U.S. Navy to assess different cushion materials concluded that Stimulite honeycomb produced the best results, providing greater comfort especially important with today’s increased flight times.

An advanced form of aerospace honeycomb that is both soft and flexible, Stimulite has a proven track record among wheelchair users where performance is critical to prevent life-threatening pressure sores. Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions provide Total Pressure Management®—pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture—the key to pressure sore prevention. Stimulite distributes weight uniformly across its surface eliminating pressure points. The honeycomb cells flex with movement to minimize shearing, while perforations in the cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture.

“With the F-18’s increased mission times, maintaining and enhancing crew efficiency and performance had become a vitally important issue,” said Susan Wilson, vice president and creative director of Supracor. “Sitting tolerances for air crew on long haul missions can be similar to those of wheelchair users, so we designed a special configuration of Stimulite to accommodate the ejector seat profile while ensuring long-term performance and comfort.”

Supracor is the originator of Stimulite and other flexible, fusion-bonded honeycomb technology utilized in products that promote the health and safety of people and animals. Initially applied to medical seating and sleep support surfaces for pressure sore prevention, Stimulite is the basis of a unique line of personal care products. Exclusively made in California’s Silicon Valley from recyclable materials, Stimulite can also be found in high-performance products such as military body armor and bumpers for amusement park rides.


Supracor, Stimulite and Total Pressure Management are registered trademarks of Supracor, Inc.
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