Paralympic Athletes sport Stimulite® honeycomb wheelchair cushions utilizing a revolutionary technology from a Silicon Valley Company

Paralympic Athletes sport Stimulite® honeycomb wheelchair cushions utilizing a revolutionary technology from a Silicon Valley Company

SAN JOSE, CA, July 5, 2012—Supracor, an American manufacturer, is the Official Sponsor of the NWBA USA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team competing in the Paralympic Games in London 2012. They will be defending their 2008 Gold Medal that they won in Beijing.

This year’s elite athletes, who require more shock-absorbing pressure relief, stability and ventilation to dissipate heat and sweat while protecting their skin from sores, will be sitting on lightweight wheelchair cushions made of flexible, fusion-bonded honeycomb, a technologically-advanced material ideal for high-impact sports.

“The USA Women are used to sitting on the medal stand,” said Head Coach Dave Kiley. “Supracor is a perfect teammate and a Gold Medal seating system.”

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb, Stimulite honeycomb is fast replacing conventional cushioning materials—foams and gels—in a wide range of innovative, cutting-edge products from sports protective equipment to bumpers for amusement park rides. The structural geometry of aerospace honeycomb combined with the flexibility of thermoplastics gives Stimulite honeycomb unparalleled versatility and performance.

“These fantastic athletes bring honor and pride to our country. They are our best, and are truly an inspiration to all people throughout the world, especially Americans,” said Curt Landi, president of Supracor. “We’re so honored that these superior athletes have chosen our unique Stimulite honeycomb cushions to be part of their critical equipment. Ironically, they chose a completely American manufactured product made of the same materials used in our F-18 fighter jet pilots’ ejector seats for their demanding sport.”

Sustainably engineered in California from advanced, eco-friendly materials, Supracor’s unique Stimulite cushions have “memory,” enabling them to self adjust to each athlete while uniformly distributing their weight over a much wider area than most cushions. Perforated cells circulate air and evaporate moisture to help maintain ambient body temperature in the heat of competition. As an added health benefit, the “footprint” of the cells’ edges combined with their flexing action promotes circulation. Naturally antimicrobial, odor resistant and allergen free, Stimulite cushions are nontoxic, durable, washable and completely recyclable.

Stimulite is a leading brand in medical support surfaces worldwide for pressure sore prevention among wheelchair users. And where high-performance aircraft seats are critical for flying longer missions, Stimulite is the U.S. Military’s specified cushion for the F-18 Hornet fighter jets and multiple types of rotorcraft, including the H60 Black Hawk helicopter and V22 Osprey. Commercially, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 747-8 long range aircraft feature lightweight Stimulite mattresses in the crew rest. The company’s mission is to promote the health and safety of people and animals through its diverse product lines which include luxury sleep surfaces, spa products and high-performance saddle pads.


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