Exfoliate, stimulate and rejuvenate sustainably with Supracor’s luxury spa products, featuring Stimulite® honeycomb

Exfoliate, stimulate and rejuvenate sustainably with Supracor’s luxury spa products, featuring Stimulite® honeycomb

SAN JOSE, CA, June 8, 2011—Supracor debuts its new magenta SpaCells®, Bath Mitt, Body Scrubber and Bath Pillow as well as its chic Monaco™ sandals for summer at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference on June 18th-20th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Inspired by nature, Stimulite honeycomb’s sophisticated matrix is comprised of alternating thick- and thin-walled, hexagonally-shaped cells that are fusion-bonded without adhesives and instantly resume their original shape to create safe, high-performance products that are flexible and light, yet strong and long lasting. Naturally antimicrobial and allergen free, Stimulite products are made of the same advanced, medical-grade material that’s used in wound dressings and heart valves.

Designed for sloughing away dry skin, Supracor’s Stimulite honeycomb SpaCells, Bath Mitt and Body Scrubber stimulate blood flow to enhance circulation and promote cellular regeneration. The flexing action of the soft honeycomb cells gently removes dirt and dead skin while their massaging action helps to promote lymphatic drainage and eliminate the toxins that produce cellulite.

“Used in high-end spa treatments, by Chanel/Paris, Kohler/USA and others, our SpaCells Facial Sponge and Stimulite Bath Mitt and Body Scrubber are nonabrasive and can be used with a gommage, cleanser or exfoliating cream, including sugar and salt scrubs,” said Susan Wilson, vice president and creative director of Supracor.

Luxuriously soft, cool and comfortable, Supracor’s unique Stimulite Bath Pillow adheres to the side of the tub, allowing water to flow through the perforated cells so it dries quickly. A breathable protective cover is available for outdoor spas.

These colorful and tactile products are available in magenta, blue, gold, black and lavender.

Featuring a ventilated honeycomb strap across the foot covered in a shear black fabric, Supracor’s slip-resistant Stimulite honeycomb Monaco sandals massage the feet while walking, enhancing circulation and reducing fatigue.

Sustainably made in California from advanced, eco-friendly materials, Stimulite products are safe for people and the environment. For more information, visit www.supracor.com.


Supracor, Stimulite and SpaCells are registered trademarks and Monaco is a trademark of Supracor, Inc.
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