Biomimicry At Its Best™: Lightweight Honeycomb Cushions Take Inspiration From Nature

Biomimicry At Its Best™: Lightweight Honeycomb Cushions Take Inspiration From Nature

SAN JOSE, CA, March 29, 2013—Biomimicry—taking inspiration from nature to solve human problems—is perfectly exemplified in Supracor’s Stimulite® honeycomb cushions for aircraft seating.

Inspired by nature and engineered for performance, Stimulite cushions mimic nature’s honeycomb matrix and utilize advanced thermoplastics and the geometry of aerospace honeycomb for weight reduction, resilience and durability. Proven to provide long term sitting comfort at a fraction of the thickness of foam cushions, these low profile cushions will be displayed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo on April 9th – 11th in Hamburg, Germany.

Produced exclusively in Silicon Valley, Supracor’s innovative Stimulite honeycomb is engineered from advanced thermoplastic materials that are resilient, durable and recyclable. Stimulite cushions self-adjust to each passenger, providing uniform weight distribution and ventilation. Their perforated cellular matrix is more than 90 percent open space with less than 10 percent material in contact with the body. The “footprint” of the cells’ edges combined with their flexing action enhances circulation. (To view a short animated video about the technology behind the seating, visit and click on the video’s link.)

Stimulite is a leading brand in medical support surfaces worldwide for pressure sore prevention. And where high-performance seating is critical for flying longer missions, Stimulite is the U.S. Military’s specified cushion for the F-18 Hornet fighter jets and multiple types of rotorcraft, including the H60 Black Hawk helicopter and V22 Osprey. Commercially, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 747-800 aircraft feature lightweight Stimulite mattresses in the crew rest.

Currently, Supracor—the originator and manufacturer of Stimulite—is involved in several projects with both airlines and OEMs to integrate Stimulite into aircraft seats, allowing passengers to experience a form of biomimicry in the comfort of their aircraft seat.

The company’s other divisions feature diverse product lines from luxury skin care, body and spa products and high-performance saddle pads to shock-absorbing bullet-proof vests, sports protective gear, bumpers for amusement park rides and more. All of Supracor’s products are sustainably made in California from durable materials that are non-toxic, washable and completely recyclable.


Supracor and Stimulite are registered trademarks and Biomimicry At Its Best is a trademark of Supracor, Inc.
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