American Visionary and Inventor Curtis Landi Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

American Visionary and Inventor Curtis Landi Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year

SAN JOSE, CA, May 5, 2011—Curtis Landi, cofounder and president of Supracor, was honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Licensing Executives Society—which has more than 16,000 members in over 97 countries—during their 11th annual meeting at Hewlett-Packard’s World Headquarters in Palo Alto, California last week.

From humble beginnings and facing daunting challenges, Landi—truly a patriot who’s passionate about inspiring small businesses to boost the economy by providing Americans with jobs—invented a revolutionary fusion-bonded honeycomb technology, a flexible form of aerospace honeycomb utilized in products that promote the health and safety of people and animals. Cofounded in 1982 with Vice President and Creative Director Susan Wilson, Supracor holds 90 patents and 69 trademarks worldwide for its uniquely versatile technology.

“I’m living proof that someone who wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth can succeed,” said Landi. “It started with an idea. And it wasn’t easy. Through determination, persistence and the will to succeed, I made it happen. Global corporations should be less greedy and not fear competition.”

In his keynote address, Made in America, Landi urged some of the Bay Area’s most renowned business leaders to sacrifice larger profit margins as he has to bring manufacturing back to this country, buy from American companies and provide jobs for fellow Americans.

“With over 50 million of America’s population living in poverty, it’s inexcusable and demoralizing,” said Landi. “It’s time for a ‘real’ change. Let’s not deny our fellow citizens the opportunity to pursue happiness.

“It only takes a spark to light a fire. Let us never forget that we’re heirs to an American revolution that lit the imagination of all those who seek a better life for themselves and their children. That’s what makes us proud to be Americans.”

Supracor’s high-performance technology benefits people and animals. Its proprietary Stimulite® honeycomb can be found in pressure-relieving hospital mattresses, cushions for the F-18 fighter jets, saddle pads for horses and bumpers for amusement park rides. Sustainably made in California from advanced, eco-friendly materials, Stimulite products are 100 percent recyclable. For more information, visit the company’s website at


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