A Life-Saving Gift to Disabled Haitians from California Manufacturer

A Life-Saving Gift to Disabled Haitians from California Manufacturer

SAN JOSE, CA, August 18, 2010—Supracor—the originator of fusion-bonded honeycomb technology—has donated 200 new Stimulite® honeycomb wheelchair cushions worth $95,000 to Project Medishare, co-founded in 1994 by Dr.’s Barth Green, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Arthur Michael Fournier, M.D. of the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. In addition to providing disaster relief, the organization’s professional members are committed to rebuilding the medical infrastructure of Haiti.

Among the rubble, tent cities, heat and humidity, a team of physicians, physical therapists and other health care professionals from around the world have volunteered to work in the trauma centers, saving lives by providing medical and therapeutic intervention.

“The leading cause of death from a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in Haiti is due to wounds and infection,” said Physical Therapist Alyson Cavanaugh. “Now we are able to provide these men, women and children with spinal cord injuries appropriate seating options to help prevent skin breakdown and infection.”

Ideally suited for the extreme heat, humidity and adverse living conditions, Stimulite cushions’ perforated honeycomb cells allow air to circulate, heat to dissipate and moisture to evaporate.

As a result, Cavanaugh said that their patients’ wounds are healing well and they haven’t developed any new pressure sores.

Extremely hygienic, Stimulite cushions help to prevent and accelerate the healing of wounds by providing Total Pressure Management®: pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture. Made of the same material that’s used in wound dressings and heart valves, Stimulite cushions are antimicrobial and washable.

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that is fusion bonded without adhesives and has “memory,” Stimulite cushions are light and distribute weight uniformly across their surface to relieve pressure. The “footprint” of the flexible cells stimulates capillary action to enhance circulation for healthier skin. Perforated honeycomb cells allow air to flow vertically and horizontally, keeping the body temperature from rising and preventing humidity.

Stimulite has a proven track record in the medical field among wheelchair users and bedridden patients where performance is critical to prevent life-threatening pressure sores. Unique and versatile, Supracor’s Stimulite honeycomb is utilized in sustainable, eco-friendly products that promote the health and safety of people and animals. For more information, visit the company’s new website at www.supracor.com.


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