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Stimulite™ Pet Mats

Stimulite™ Pet Mats

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Your pet will love our Stimulite Pet Mat. The honeycomb comfortably supports body weight while circulating air and evaporating moisture. Comes with a dual-climate, reversible cover of stretchable poly/cotton (cool) and stretchable sheepskin (warm). Attractive enough to be included in any room of the house. Washable.

When you want to give your dog a bone but don't want to dirty your cover, just pull the honeycomb from the cover and wipe down after use. The honeycomb is naturally antifungal and antibacterial.

Available in the following sizes:
Small (20” x 30” x 1”)
Medium (28” x 40” x 1”)
Large (38” x 48” x 1”)

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